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About Us

About Us

Hello, we’re Aaron and Wayne

Let’s start by telling you something about us. We started Loire Kitchen and Circle of Misse back in 2009 to share our passion for cooking and writing. Aaron bought the house at Misse nearly thirty years ago to use for his practice as a musician, and then, seventeen years ago, Wayne joined him in benefiting from the house’s creative magic to work on his writing.  We wanted others to have the same joy and creative spark that the house had given to us, and so, the Loire Kitchen and Circle of Misse were born.


wine tasting in the kitchen
Tasting a local Sauvignon Blanc while Planning our Menu for the day


We believe in having a good time, and that life is at its best when we are able to pursue what we love most.

That’s why we offer these creative holidays: to bring some fun, adventure, and enrichment to people’s lives. To help them escape the reality of everyday to a place where their creativity takes centre stage.

Over the years we’ve had to balance our culinary pursuits and creative careers with corporate jobs and family commitments. We know what it’s like. Misse has always been an inspiring part of that balance for us. That’s why we want to share it with you.


Misse Kitchen and Dining Room
The New Misse Kitchen & Dining Room


Over the last three years we have made extensive renovations to the Misse property to open and enlarge our kitchen, and to sensitively modernise the entire house to offer a high standard of comfort.

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