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Four Day Gourmet Long-Weekend Experience

It is with great delight that we announce our Spring & Summer 2021 re-opening.

Due to on-going COVID-19 concerns we will be taking maximum precautions. Cooking holidays this year will only be held in the warm spring and summer months, when the windows of the house can all be open and the house fully ventilated (the windows have insect screens). We have both an industrial extractor in the kitchen and a household ventilation system which extracts and changes the air several times per hour. Whenever possible we will spend time outdoors, preparing food and cooking in the garden, we will also serve meals and snacks in the warmth and safety of the outside dining area.
On the east side of the manor house, we have two bedrooms rooms on each floor, and on the west side of the house, we have one bedroom with a lobby which can be used in the unlikely need for isolation.
Groups of four or more people can of course request exclusivity.

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The Loire Kitchen Food Year
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Come for a long weekend of food indulgence and inspiration

Learn some new dishes, taste some great wines, explore a farmer’s market, and discover the secrets to artisan food making. With a Friday or Saturday start, wrapping up on Monday or Tuesday, this four day gourmet experience, can truly immerse yourself in the foods of the Loire and try your hand at several dishes. Arrive late afternoon/early evening on your first day for a tasting of local wines and then join us in the kitchen for a hands-on demonstration of some dessert techniques. We’ll then sit down for a delightful three course meal. Relax with an after dinner drink in the lounge or library, then off for a pleasant night’s rest in your charming and cosy ensuite room.

Second Day

After a farmhouse breakfast of local breads, pastries, yogurts, cereals and other delights the next morning we’ll head off for a tour of the farmer’s market in either Saumur (Saturday) or Neuville or Montsoreau (Sunday). Set in historically and culturally significant locations, all these markets, offer plentiful sights, treats to sample and gastronomic atmosphere. We’ll also give you time to wander around, have a coffee and daydream. We’ll return to Misse and lunch on the treats we picked up.

After lunch, we’ll  menu plan for dinner and then through a series of cookery sessions learn some new techniques and recipes as we prepare dinner. We’ll pause for an early evening break to freshen up and catch our breathes before sitting down together to enjoy the fruits of our labour.

Third Day

After breakfast the next morning, we’ll have a cooking session to learn some lunch dishes which we’ll then enjoy together. After lunch we’ll visit deepen our knowledge and appreciation of local products by visiting a local producer of nut oils, cheese, snails, mushrooms, wine, spirits or other products, depending on the season, for  a tour and tasting. We’ll return to Misse in time for you to go for walk, chill in the library with a book or simply hang out before we enjoy a three course dinner.

Final Day

The next morning, after breakfast, we’ll have a final cookery session where we tackle a complex dish or technique that fits with your interests. We’ll have lunch, pack and send you back home to try out your new-found culinary skills.


  • 3 nights accommodation
  • Welcome wine-tasting
  • 3 half-day cooking sessions
  • 2 hands-on cooking demonstrations (dessert/starter)
  • Farmer’s Market Visit
  • Visit to an artisan food maker (cheese, nut oils, mushrooms, and/or a vineyard)
  • 3 Three+ course dinners including all beverages (wine, waters, etc.)
  • 3 multi-course lunches
  • Breakfast each morning
  • Recipes and folder

Cost: €950 includes EVERYTHING except travel to France and transport to Circle of Misse (we can arrange airport train transfers for a fee, please see our getting here page) and discretionary purchases at markets and other attractions. Deposit of €190 per cooking course participant is due at the time of booking. The balance becomes due 30 days before the start date.

Please note: The holiday schedule described above serves as a guide. We may occasionally need to change the order or location of certain events due to the season, weather or other logistical practicalities. If so, we’ll always aim to deliver the same experience and similar atmosphere.


May June
 7-10 Fri-Mon |  8-11 Sat-Tue
14-17    ″    | 15-18    ″   
21-24    ″    | 22-29    ″   
28-31    ″    | 29-1 Jun ″   
 4-7  Fri-Mon |  5-8  Sat-Tue
11-14    ″    | 12-15    ″   
18-21    ″    | 19-22    ″   
July August
 2-5  Fri-Mon |  3-6  Sat-Tue
 9-12    ″    | 10-13    ″   
16-19    ″    | 17-20    ″   
23-26    ″    | 24-27    ″   

13-16 Fri-Sun | 14-17 Sat-Mon
20-23    ″    | 21-24    ″   
27-30    ″    | 28-31    ″   

Please get in touch if you have alternative dates in mind.
September | October | November | December

– TBD – Please do get in touch if you have dates in mind


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